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    At SOCO we believe that a high quality education must include the opportunity to master practical skills learned in a real clinical setting.

    You can help make it possible by scheduling an osteopathic treatment with one of our students!

    What is the student clinic?

  • ♦  Here alongside SOCO operates a multidisciplinary alternative healthcare clinic with a variety of practitioners and modalities. SOCO students work alongside with practicing osteopaths. Our students complete a mandatory observation and peer practical period before beginning to treat members of the public in their final academic year of studies. All of our students are registered health practitioners and or have met our entrance requirements. They have come to SOCO to upgrade their education or add more to their established practices. Students in our clinic learn all aspects of the professions and how to successfully run their own osteopathic practice. Which is where the student clinic becomes an important aspect of their education.

    What is Manual Osteopathy?

  • ♦  Osteopathy is a treatment where the practitioner uses hands on techniques to soft tissue, bones and joints to achieve a desired result in order to eliminate a patient's complaints or to bring the body back to its normal healthy state. The techniques are non-aggressive and soothing. They are usually performed with the patient in a seated position or lying down on a treatment table.

    What will you experience here?

  • ♦  A typical session will begin with one introduction to your student practitioner and the supervising osteopathic practitioner. The session will have three important components.

  • ♦    1. Assessment: During the assessment you will be asked about your relevant medical history and a physical assessment will take place. This may involve looking at your posture while standing or walking and checking your joints and soft tissue. Whether you have a specific complaint or not, the practitioner will gather information to create a detailed treatment plan that is tailored to your .

  • ♦    2. Treatment: The treatment portion of the session will involve the practitioner using hands-on techniques which are non-aggressive and feel relaxing. They will be performed over the clothes. A supervising osteopathic practitioner will check in to observe from time to time. Questions and feedback are encouraged.

  • ♦    3. Post-Assessment: Finally the post-assessment phase will conclude the session. The practitioner will note results and may give you some recommendations for home care. The entire session may last 60-90 minutes. A follow-up may be requested by your practitioner to note progression or to continue your treatment plan.

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